Not that they don’t realize what they’re saying, but that they don’t realize that they’re subconsciously evaluating your answer. You know women; they’ll deny their nature until the end.”

Don’t be so sure. When I ask questions about their dating life or something along those lines, I am absolutely calculating and evaluating their answers. The only time I ask or care is if I feel like I’m being taken for a fool or I’m trying to figure out if they’re trustworthy and/or worth my time. You better believe we’re not going to tell you why we’re asking. For some, it would mean admitting to insecurity (who does that?) For others, it would mean showing their intentions too soon and they’re not ready to trust yet.

For years my parents would come at me with all manners of invasive questions about my social life. I realize that they only did so because they cared about my safety, but it annoyed me to no end. They equated hesitation with lying and now when I’m asked questions I attempt to answer truthfully even when I know I don’t know the answer or shouldn’t answer at all.

So there’s my problem with shit tests, I fail automagically. When I have time to respond accordingly (email/txt) I do great. Then when I’m face to face it all falls apart. I either take too long to respond (not so good), respond with the truth(bad), or get visibly annoyed (worse).

Reply Willy Wonka July 26, 2010 at 2:51 pm Yeah, my parents used to do that shit too… that ask a million questions shit. I always hated that shit.

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