Perhaps if a man wants a Taken In Hand relationship he could try exercising a little firmness about things that are important to him, and see how she responds. I don't know why I never said to my husband "I like it when you're like this; why don't you do it more often?" I was just too inhibited. I suppose I would also say to a man, "Does she like you being dominant in the bedroom?" If she is turned on by forcefulness in bed, then maybe she'll like it outside of the bedroom too. The one area I never had any confusion about was my sexually submissive nature, so that might be somewhere to start.

The only way I could indicate to my husband that I wanted a Taken In Hand relationship was by telling him outright. Some men just can't take a hint.


by Louise C on 2006 Jun 15 - 09:49 | reply to this comment Ruling Out Rather than Ruling In I think Louise is right that your tests can rule OUT women who are not interested at all in being taken in hand, but they aren't accurate enough to pinpoint those who do like being taken in hand.

I think you would need more than just an accepting reaction to these tests. I think it has to be explicit. Most likely a conversation is the only thing that will tell you for sure.


by a Taken In Hand reader on 2006 Jun 16 - 00:59 | reply to this comment Laying the foundation Jeff, I applaud you. I think you've done a wonderful job describing the role of potential HOH. I have often observed women who are 'hoping' to someday meet the dominant man of her dreams. And of course, by saying that, means what is right for HER. So how would she go about doing that? Asking questions? Testing perhaps? Or, as you suggest, simply get to know each other.

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